Do you know the Oso de anteojos: ? Check everything you should know also called Andean bear that is in danger of extinction.

The coronavirus in Peru led the government to declare quarantine as a measure. For this reason, the students take their learning through the practical strategy “I learn at home”, in their 10th week, they have the spectacled bear among the subjects of study.

oso de anteojos

And is that the session “How can we protect threatened animals” aimed at primary school students, generated quite a lot of interest in the student due to its importance. In this context, we share information about the also called Andean bear.

What is the Spectacled Bear?
The Andean bear, also known as the South American bear, ucumari, jukumari, or popularly as de spectacled bear’, is due to the white spots around its eyes.

Spectacled Bear Characteristics
-This mammal that is up to 2.2 meters high can weigh up to 180 kilos. It is a medium bear, compared to the eight species of bears known in the world, including the brown bear or the polar bear.

-In addition to vegetables, starting and rarely eggs and meat of animals.

-Many cultures believe that its claws have medicinal properties, which is a threat to its population.

-Even though they may not seem like it, they are excellent swimmers and climbers.

-They build platforms on top of trees where they take naps and take their food to digest.

-They are solitary, but they will leave messages in trees for other individuals, indicating with their smells where they have gone.

-The young are called cubs. Typically, a female has 2 to 4 offspring per pregnancy.

Spectacled Bear Habitat
According to the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp), it lives in various ecosystems determined between 500 meters above sea level, where it drops remotely when food is scarce, and 4500 meters above sea level, where it can rarely be seen.

Its presence is more significant in the humid forests and isolated mist in the ecoregions of the Selva Alta and the Páramo.

Where can you see a spectacled bear in Peru?
The spectacled bear can find in 10 protected natural areas.

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, the Choquequirao Regional Conservation Area, Río Abiseo National Park, Yanachaga Chemillén National Park, Ichigkat Muja-Cordillera del Cóndor National Park, Alto Mayo Protection Forest, among others.