How is the weather in the inca jungle tour?
Weather in the Inca jungle trail change a lot special the first day. however the weather is very warm in Santa Maria, Santa Tereza and Aguas Calientes. all this towns are located lower then Cusco and they are not higher then 2400 meter about the see level. Temperature during all year is between 10°C and 25 °C. Only in the biking portion you will need warm jacket and rain jacket.
when is the best time to visit Machu Picchu?
Best time to visit Machu Picchu by inca jungle trail is between march and December.
How hard is the biking tour ?
It is not that difficult and not that challenge however we recommend passenger have some king of experience with the bike. then with our tour guide recommendation you will have a great time with our tour.
Do I need experience for the tour?
Actually you don't need that expert experience on biking, rafting, or zipline. In any moment you fell these activities is to much for you. You can decide to not continue with this activities and take and optional way.
When should I book inca jungle trek?
Never is to early to book you tour with us, It is because you will have enough time to book in advance updates like Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Montaña. This tickets are sold out very fast and you need to book approximately 2 months before departure.
How much is to enjoy hotspings?
In Santa Tereza - Cocalmayo, You will find the best hotspings in the area, it only cost 10 soles or 3.5 USD dollars.
How hard is the hike on the second day?
It is not that hard. It is a medium exercise hike, However we recommend bring just belongs you will really need in the hike. Lite back pack is more confortable for hike this area.
How much money do I have to take in the tour?
We recommend 300 soles or 100 USD dollars. This is because sometimes you can need money for water, snacks, extra drinks, any kind of emergency.
How hard is hike from Aguas Calientes o Machu Picchu?
It is 1:30 hours hike . The first part is 30 minutes flat and then 1 hour steps up to Machu Picchu.
When Machu Picchu open and close ?
Machu Picchu Open at 6:00 am and Close at 5:00 pm.
How long people usually take in machu picchu?
Usually people stay in Machu Picchu for 5 hours then they prefer to go to Aguas Calientes for lunch or spend sometime in the town.
Do you serve vegetarian food in machu picchu jungle tour?
Yes we do . Please when you book this tours don't forget to tell us if yu are vegetarian or you have any kind of allergy.
Huayna Picchu VS Machu Picchu Montaña
Many people ask about Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Montaña and few people know the difference about this 2 climbing hike mountains in Machu Picchu. Huayna picchu: It is located at the northeast area and it is famous because since the summit you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and Machu Picchu. huaynapicchu have a steep road and people arrive to the summit in approximately 45 minutes hike up. In the summit you can enjoy and take picture for not longer then 20 minutes. This is because huaynaPicchu pick do not have a big space and not to of people can login there. if you plan hike up to Huayna Picchu You need to book in advance . it cost 20 American dollars per person. Huayna Picchu altitude: 2789 meters. Montaña Machu Picchu: It is the taller Mountain. You need at list 3:30 hours to enjoy the hike up to this Montaña. This mountain ofer different altitudes view of Machu Picchu and also a amazing panoramic view of all machu picchu, Aguas calientes, hidroelectrica and others areas around. In the summit you can spend longer time. this is because not lot of people go to this mountain yet because the new accest it is. if you plan hike up to Montaña, You need to book in advance . it cost 20 American dollars per person.\n \n Montaña altitude: 3240 meter.
Can I Leave Luggage At The Inca Jungle Offices?
Yes. You can leave your luggage at our offices. You can bring it with you to your briefing, or you can bring it when you are picked up in the morning to leave for your trek. The driver will bring it back to our offices. You can also arrange for it to be dropped off at your hotel once you return from the Inca Jungle Trek.
Why Do I Need To Come To The Briefing?
The briefing is really important because you will meet your guide. During this meeting the guide will provide you with important details about the trek. At the briefing, you will also pay your remaining trek balance. Our offices are located at Portal Nuevo 218 (Plazoleta Regocijos).
How Much Should I Tip The Trekking Team?
Tipping is at your discretion, but always highly appreciated.
How Many People Will Be In My Group?
Groups are usually 10 to 12 people. This also depends on the time of year. The maximum is 12 people and the minimum is 2 people.
What Is The Difference Between The Private Tour And Group Tour? Why Is It Worth It To Pay More For The Private Tour?
If you choose to go on a private tour, the tour will be much more tailored to you. The size of the group depends on you and only you. You can decide exactly who will be on the trek with you. This is perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends. You will have your own personal chef and guide, which means the trek is more personalized and set to satisfy your needs.
Why Is There An 9% Charge For Paypal And Visa? Is There Any Way To Avoid This Charge?
Unfortunately, the 9% charge is completely out of our hands. This fee does not go to us, but to PayPal and VISA or Mastercard. There is really no way around it.

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